Hey there Lovelies!!

 So, I've been wanting to do this blog thing for a while now and I finally decided it was time! First off, let me just say that I am in no way an expert or a professional when it comes to interior design. What I will say is that I have a love of home and a love of accessories so it just makes sense for me to merge them together. I'm simply a Cali girl who loves to dress up my home and it just seems to work out!


  Now, I want you to know that there is no set in stone rule about how your home should be. I'm a firm believer that you find things that you love and make it work in your space. If it doesn't work, change it until it does! Your home should speak to you and tell a story about how you live so give it some character for goodness sake!!

 As time goes on I'll show you how I style my products in my home so you will have a guide to help inspire you on this interior design journey. For example, these wood bead tassels. These garland tassels can go everywhere! Add a bit of color and length to your mantle or seen here on my coffee table- Oh the possibilites!!

I hope I will inspire you to be bold, be daring and take some risks. Don't be afraid of interior design- That's what I'm here for. Together we will kick some butt when it comes to your home so reach out to me anytime at mochagirlmarketplace@yahoo.com

Until next time....